Friday, June 23, 2017

This Barbie Doll is Humble and Boujee in Her African Print Skirt Outfit

 Back View of African Print Skirt Suit

African Print Skirt Set

African Print Skirt Suit with Head Wrap, Earrings, Purse, and shoes

This African print skirt suit for Barbie doll has been enhanced by using natural wooden beads on rings that dangle from the ears.  The bead work has been used in the head-wrap as well as on the purse, creating a common link between each accessory for a more cohesive look.  Find more similar fashions at

 Are you talking to me?

Girlfriends, Group Pic, and Designer African Print Fashions

Oh! The wonderful life of Barbie Dolls.  Check these two out in their African designer outfits created by Enchantedstyles.  These two lovely Barbie dolls are wearing it well as they stand outside in front of a NYC Brownstone.

 Conversation in the neighborhood

Dynamic Duo

 Friends Forever Wrapped in African Print

African Print Head Wraps Are Awesome

African Styles for Barbie

This is a back view of the African print pant suit from the back.  With its clean, sharp lines, this outfit would surely be the center of conversation amongst all the other barbie dolls, if they could talk.  

African Head Wrap for Barbie Doll

African Head-wraps look fantastic and compliment any life-size or miniature wardrobe. With their bold design and colorful prints, it's hard not to take notice of such a beautiful accessory crowning the head.  Now imagine those head-wraps in a miniature version for Barbie dolls.  This African head-wrap comes as part of this gorgeous African pant outfit.  This miniature sized head-wrap is sewn into place to keep its style and easily fastens in the back with velcro.  For more fashions and similar styles, visit

 Miniature African Head-wrap for Barbie doll

African Print Pant Set for Barbie Doll

This lovely African print pant set for Barbie doll and other 11.5 inch fashion dolls of similar size consists of front pleated pant, African print top, African print head-wrap, purse, earrings, and shoes.  Aqua-blue is an awesome summer-time color and paired with this African print it looks even more beautiful.  See more fashions like this at

Aqua-blue African Print Pant Suit