Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Barbie Doll Dressed In A Colorful Hoop Loop Dress Doing Grocery Store Shopping

This So In Style Barbie doll doesn't care that pay phones have gone out of style and that the grocery store shopping cart is way too short for her.  She is styling and profiling in her colorful hoop loop dress. May your day be happy and colorful too!  To find out more about this handmade Barbie doll dress, visit www.enchantedstyles.etsy.com

 Colorful Hoop Loop Dress for Barbie Dolls

 Let Your Fashion be as a Rainbow to the world

 Doll Talk at the grocery store.  I wish this store had bigger carts!

 I forgot my cell phone.  Thankfully, this pay phone still works.

My Scene Barbie Doll Lemon Yellow and Blue Flowered Print Dress in Garden Scene

This MyScene Barbie doll is dressed in a handmade yellow and blue flower print dress. A small diorama of a planter box garden and bags of garden soil by Miracle Gro and Gardener's serve as the perfect scene to model a pretty summer dress.  Find out more information about this handmade doll dress at www.enchantedstyles.etsy.com

 Gardening is Fun

 Backyard Project

 Snakes in the garden

 Garden Love and Flower Power

Dress in Flowers