Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Barbie's Bargain Buys Category - Barbie Doll Dress, Earrings, Necklace and Belt for $12.00

Today we added our first product to a new category on our Etsy Store.  We are calling this category of products "Barbie's Bargain Buys!"  It is a new category that we intend to fill with fabulously stylish Barbie doll products at great prices.  These products will be of the same great quality as our other products, but take considerably less time to make, which allows us to sell them at a splendid price.  Items in this category will have groupings of products that are similar, but have there own individual uniqueness about them.  Please keep your eye on this category as we hope to add more products in the upcoming weeks.  Below is the first product that we listed.  Thank you for visiting our blog site and Etsy Store.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Barbie Doll Handmade Designer Purse - Black, Antique Brass, Studs, Chains, and Black Faux leather

This Barbie doll, handmade, designer purse displays antique brass colored studs and chains.  Faux black leather is found on either side of the purse, and black silk cording serve as the handles.  A leather ES (Enchanted Styles) stamped hang tag authenticates that it is from our handmade, ES Glam collection of purses, which can be found by visiting our Etsy Store.  The purse can open and close and has enough space for important doll documents, and other small sized Barbie accessory items.  The matching earrings, necklace, and belt add additional elegance to this already stylishly designed purse and will look great with any outfit it is paired with.  For more information about this purse or our other products, please visit us at www.enchantedstyles.etsy.com.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Barbie Doll Designer Leopard Print Purse and Jewelry Set

This leopard print designer purse for Barbie and other similarly sized dolls is beautifully handcrafted.  It  looks great with a nice dress, but we chose to pair it with a simple sleeveless shirt and a pair of jeans.  The purse is accented with silver rings and small wooden beads.  A silver metal hang tag, stamped with ES, authenticates that it is a part of our handmade, ES Glam collection. The purse opens and closes and is spacious for storing small doll trinkets.  Please visit our ES Glam designer purse category for more information and to view our other available purses.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Black White and Silver Accents - Designer Handmade Purse for Barbie Dolls

This is another handmade designer doll purse from our ES Glam Collection, which can be found on our Etsy store.  It features a black and white zebra print that is soft to the touch, faux diamonds, and silver metal accents.  It looks great when worn as a shoulder bag or held by the straps.  It has a country western feel that is merged with a bit of glitz and glam.  Find out more about this purse by clicking here to visit our ES Glam Purse Category on Etsy.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Handmade Collectible Designer Barbie Doll Purse - Antique Gold, Bronze, Copper and Amber Hues

This is another beautiful, handmade, barbie doll purse that we listed on our Etsy store today.  The colors give an antique feel, but a bit of glitz and glam brings it all into modern perspective.  The purse opens and closes by way of a tiny magnetic clasp and is spacious enough to place small trinkets and other items inside for safe storage.  Please visit www.enchantedstyles.etsy.com to find out more about this gorgeous purse and other Barbie doll accessories that we have to offer.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Handmade Designer Doll Purse for Barbie Doll and other 11.5 inch dolls

This gorgeous, handmade, collectible Barbie doll purse is from our ES Glam collection which can be found on our Etsy Store.  Faux leather in hues of medium and light camel come together to create an elegant purse that is fashioned to be functional as well as stylish.  It has decorative silver rings and dark camel side straps that are reminiscent of saddles and horseback riding.  The purse opens, closes, and has  plenty of space for storing miniature doll items.  Complementary jewelry is included and offers a complete, contemporary, polished look to any doll's clothing attire.  For more details, please visit our Etsy Store or leave a comment below.  Thanks for visiting our blog!


Friday, October 11, 2013

Barbie Designer Purse and Jewelry - ES Glam Collection by enchantedstyles.etsy.com

Well, the day has finally arrived.  We listed our first ES Glam collection purse on our Etsy store today.  We have worked so hard on doing our best to make these miniature purses as functional as possible.  Our ES Glam purses are designed to open and look like the modern, unique, upscale purses that can be found in many department stores across the country.  So, leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about our first release.  Also, keep checking our Etsy Store for more to come in this category of designer purses and accessories to match.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

1:6 Scale Barbie Doll Furniture - Sold on Etsy

This 1:6 scale Barbie doll set is one of my past furniture sets that sold on Etsy.  I am in the works of creating another sofa set with tables in an olive green color.  I had it posted, but decided to change the sofa and love seat legs to a more linear, natural wood style.  My blog post about it can be viewed by clicking here.  I chose to do the below sofa set in a contrasting black and white houndstooth print with carnelian red accent lamps.  I enjoyed doing the photo session with Barbie in her cozy little apartment on a winter's day.  I hope to create more furniture pieces in the near future to post for sell on our Etsy Store, so please be sure to keep checking back or sign up for our Enchanted Styles newsletter to stay up to date and receive special offers and announcement on future sales events.

To view our other 1:6 scale, play scale furniture for Barbie and other 11.5 inch dolls of similar style, please visit our Etsy Store Doll Furniture Category.